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“We’re on a slippery slope to a one state reality” – Yossi Alpher (2/2)

Yossi Alpher slippery slope

At the 2016 Auckland Writers Festival, Yossi Alpher spoke with Radio NZ producer, Jeremy Rose. In the first part of the talk, Yossi spoke of his experience with the “Periphery Doctrine”. In this, second and last, part of the talk, Yossi talks of more contemporary Israeli geopolitics, Palestinian “refugees” and other Middle East refugees, and touches on BDS before addressing audience questions.

Jeremy Rose challenges Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, to which Yossi replies

…we have more international legitimacy as the homeland of the Jewish people [not just a Jewish religion] than virtually any country in the world because we were created by the League of Nations – the Balfour Declaration – and the United Nations…” Yossi Alpher

However, Yossi acknowledges that extremes at all ends of the political spectrum may be tearing the fabric of Israeli society apart and Israel may be heading toward the “nightmare” one-state reality, “by no means a solution”. Watch Jeremy and Yossi below:

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