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Remembering the Holocaust | Moshe Fiszman

ShadowsOfShoah-Moshe Fiszman-UNHRD

23 Jan 2017

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The Shadows of Shoah Exhibition was launched in 2013 by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Since then it has toured museums, galleries and public spaces the length of New Zealand.

27 January is United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Over this week Shalom.Kiwi will post a survivor story each day to raise awareness of this important event – an event that becomes increasingly important as survivors pass and as anti-Semitism re-emerges. We invite readers to share these stories with their networks via social media.

Today is the fourth in our series and the story is that of Moshe Fiszman.

Moshe Fiszman was born in Poland in 1921. He survived the death camps of Birkenau and Dachau and eventually immigrated to Australia. Moshe faced separation from his family without the opportunity to even say goodbye. He was never to see them again. This was one of the heart-rending situations that led to his question, why?