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Some always blame the Jews


16 Nov 2015

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In a recent post, we talked about the lies, conspiracy theories and hate that are peddled through social media. As if the events in Paris on Saturday were not distressing enough, it only took a few hours for conspiracy theories to emerge on social media pointing the finger at Zionists or Israel for the atrocities.

Shamefully, the dead had not even been buried, let alone identified, before the anti-Semites decided this was yet another opportunity to spread some more of their toxic lies. Islamists have targeted Jews time and again in Israel and around the world, and this time wantonly slaughtered Parisians enjoying a Friday night in their beautiful city, and Jews get the blame.

Contrary to all evidence – contrary even to ISIS making a statement claiming responsibility and threatening further attacks – we are told this was retribution for the European policy of labelling West Bank goods, or a false flag Mossad operation. These warped lunacies are stated proudly, in plain sight, on social media. Challenge these anti-Semitic slurs and wait to be admonished and told how offensive that is. Me? Anti-Semitic? I love all humanity and hate bigotry. I never mentioned Jews. It’s the ZIONISTS, stupid.

These modern-day blood libels are offensive and dangerous enough, but by refusing to accuse those who actually have perpetrated these heinous crimes – Islamists who believe that jihad is their right and duty and who detest the Western way of life – these conspiracy theorists embolden the terrorists.

With that in mind, we thought we would share a very pertinent article from the Guardian from earlier this year.

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