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Anti-Semitism 101 — A case study

09 Oct 2016

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Yesterday a Shalom.Kiwi reader, Natalie Owen, posted a series of hate-filled anti-Semitic rants in response to one of Shalom.Kiwi’s articles.

Normally these kinds of abusive rants would be removed, but on this occasion we thought they served a useful purpose in demonstrating what anti-Semitism looks like. This is because Natalie helpfully managed to cover just about every anti-Semitic trope that characterises modern-day anti-Semitism.

Here is Natalie’s first abusive comment:

You ignorant self opinionated and callously inhuman zionists. You are the beating heart of everything wrong in this world. Marama Davidson is shining the spot light on human rights violations the Israhell government is inflicting upon Palestinians as they have upon other countries through war, deception, finance and media. This is how zionists operate, in cowardly ways they manipulate others to fight their battles unless it’s an easy fight like against the Palestinians who have no army. Zionists make the USA fight those that oppose the Zionist religious zealots who follow the evil teachings of the talmud. Israhell as its commonly named is at the top of the list for acts against human rights. Even the United Nations who are semi corrupt admit this. There are good Israelis that also are fighting against the disposable zionists. They are the people who staged World War One and two and forced embargoes and sanctions and also crippling taxes against the German people who fought so gallantly to rid themselves of your favourite sons of Judea the rothschilds. The world is waking up to the atrocities inflicted by the zionists and one day Jews will join the fight to topple the war criminal netinyahu. I could spend hours listing the corruption the zionists have pushed upon this world from the Russian Bolsheviks genocide on twenty million Christians to Germany to the deals with the USA toppling Libya and Iraq for profit and to beat those who condemn Israhell. The world now knows the links between Israhell England, nato, USA, Saudi Arabia. The zionists don’t want the world to know the evil that are their founding principles that see all non Jews as Gentiles and goyims that are less than animals to serve the Jews. Luckily not all Jews believe this rubbish. And you wonder why jews have been kicked out of countries over 100 times in the last two thousand years. Even Napolean knew the dangers of the false teachings and manipulation of zionists. Other people have also known this and have succeeded forcing these groups out of their countries. Israhell lied and paid for Israel and the League of Nations happily gave you a piece of land but we also know it’s not enough and their are plans to extend as we can see now with the war in Syria and the continual minimisation of Palestine. We do not hate Jews. We hate Zionism and so should the entire world. Its a good thing zionists control so much media otherwise the state of Israhell would be invaded.”Natalie Owen

Shalom.Kiwi then replied, identifying this comment as anti-Semitism as outlined by Rabbi Sacks in his excellent speech at the European Parliament.

Natalie responded with two even more hateful diatribes:

I’ve seen that post, and it’s propaganda for people like you. I’m not anti-Semitic at all. I am Jewish myself. Palestinians are the true Semites, so seems to me that Zionists are calling the kettle black again. I’ve even seen thousands of Jews in New York standing up to Zionists saying they have no right to be occupying Israel. Delete my comment if you like. But at least I know the truth. And many others. Calling me anti-Semitic means nothing. It’s a term made up by Zionists themselves. Know the difference?

… now you are showing your ignorance. Wether they were made up, like you say, or not doesn’t give the Zionist rights to commit genocide against them. It was their land before Israel was even made up. I seriously question a people who write in a book of God that they are gods chosen people, and then they condemn the people that believe that book. No I believe that the Rothschilds are Zionist scum and that they are Jewish. Everywhere I look and study, there are the Jews, causing problems, using chicanery, using their money and media to sway the worlds opinion, it’s actually so simple to see. If you can think… Which many people can’t. Like yourself. And no I don’t want genocide of the Jews. Nor the Palestinians. Do you even hear yourself? A few Zionists… Yes in the scheme of things there aren’t too many. 1% so I hear. And yet that 1% manages to rule almost the entire world. 12 million Jews now huh. Where’d the magic 6million go? Did you know there Weren’t even 6million Jews around back then. And after WWII the population of Jews had only dropped by 200,000. Any red flags yet??? Unless you count the 20million Bolsheviks who were killed by their own leader. Another Jew. The Jews killed Jesus. God exiled them from the holy land. All throughout history, there are the Jews running the scene. The Zionist Jews are the terrorists, they’re running the show. They are ISIS. The ones who commit genocide, the ones who rape the planet, the ones who get their allies to fight their wars so they can take over. All the while looking innocent and hard done by feeding you propaganda so you back them. Ugh the stupidity of people these days. Ignorance is a choice. I say if you want to connect the dots start reading about their history. Oh and another thing. Coz this ones the biggest lie they’ve told…. There was NO HOLOCAUST!!!! The victors wrote the history books, and they’re all filled with lies. Wake up people. And stop supporting these immoral, warmongering inhumane people. (The Zionists, not the Jewish people).”Natalie Owen

Natalie made several further similar comments after these, which we have included below.

While we wouldn’t normally like to dignify such racist abuse with serious attention, we think it would be useful as a learning exercise to examine how her comments illustrate most manifestations of modern-day anti-Jewish hate speech.

Natalie, for the most part, tried to disguise or legitimise her hate-speech with the smokescreen of anti-Zionism. However, the mask slipped, as is often the case. Anti-Zionism might not be the same as anti-Semitism, but very often there is an overlap.

As Rabbi Sacks said:

Anti-Semitism means denying the right of Jews to exist as Jews with the same rights as everyone else. The form this takes today is anti-Zionism. Of course, there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism, and between Jews and Israelis, but this difference does not exist for the new anti-Semites themselves. It was Jews not Israelis who were murdered in terrorist attacks in Toulouse, Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. Anti-Zionism is the anti-Semitism of our time.”Rabbi Sacks

Irwin Cotler, a former professor of law at McGill University and Attorney General of Canada, and a current member of the Canadian Parliament, has written extensively on this subject. He writes that:

In response to changing circumstances and challenges, many right-wing groups have transformed their approaches as a means to incorporate the old, traditional form of anti-Semitism into the new, more tolerable anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic adherents of the far right seek to portray their views as anti-Zionist or anti-Israel, on the grounds that this is more politically acceptable than open advocacy of Nazi positions.”Irwin Cotler

Natan Sharansky, a Russian-born Israeli politician and human rights advocate, has formulated a guideline, “the 3Ds” to distinguishing anti-Semitism from legitimate criticism of Israel or Zionism. The 3Ds are explained below:

  • Demonisation: for example, making wild comparisons between Israel and the Nazis or Isis, or as Natalie did, blaming Zionists for the world wars and just about every other bad event in history.
  • Double-standards: this means judging Israel by a higher standard than is applied to other countries. It is hard to imagine a country that Natalie would judge more harshly than Israel.
  • Delegitimisation: to deny the right of Jews to a Jewish state, in other words, to self determination. It is fairly clear from her comments about “Israehell” and her ravings about hating Zionism that she does not believe that Jews have the right to a homeland.

In addition to the 3Ds Shalom.Kiwi has included below other manifestations of anti-Semitism that it often comes across, particularly on social media:

Conspiracy theories about Zionist world control, domination of finance, control of media

Natalie started off quite carefully using the word “Zionist” in her conspiratorial ramblings, but a few times she let her guard down and slipped the word “Jew” in. It didn’t matter, we knew what she meant.

When anti-Semites talk about the all-powerful Zionists running the world of finance or controlling the media (often using the Rothschild name), they mean Jews, and they are harking back to the same conspiracy theories that emerged from that famous anti-Jewish fabrication, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, produced at the beginning of the 20th century, which was used as the pretext for the widespread slaughter of Jews in Europe. Natalie continues this malevolent tradition, writing:

Everywhere I look and study, there are the Jews, causing problems, using chicanery, using their money and media to sway the worlds opinion, it’s actually so simple to see.”Natalie Owen

Her words could have come straight from anti-Jewish propaganda of 1930s Germany. It is disturbing to see this again in 2016 New Zealand.

Blaming all of the world’s troubles on Zionists or Israel

If Natalie is to be believed, Zionists have been incredibly busy over the last few centuries, starting both world wars, somehow being responsible for the death of 20 million Christians, toppling Libya and Iraq for profit, causing the fighting in Syria, killing 20 million Bolsheviks, committing more genocide, making up the Holocaust (see below) and even secretly being Isis. They even, according to Natalie, got under the skin of Napoleon Bonaparte, which is quite an achievement considering that he died 76 years before the Zionist movement was formed. But Zionists, to anti-Semites like Natalie, are a special kind of super-villain. In her own words: “You (Zionists) are the beating heart of everything wrong in this world”.

As British comedian David Baddiel wrote:

…for the conspiracy theorists, even the most appalling political and military machinations of Binyamin Netanyahu and the Israel Defence Forces – of Israel itself – are far less important than the creation of what David Aaronovitch, in Voodoo Histories, describes as a new kind of super-Jew: the Zionist. This is not, for the conspiracy theorist, the straightforward hate figure of the left. Rather, it is a character, or more importantly a group, to which all western governments are secretly in hock: unbelievably rich and powerful, and dedicated unswervingly to its own project, which is nothing less than the complete control of the world. Yes: Zionists are basically Spectre.”David Baddiel

Roger Fowler of Kia Ora Gaza has also jumped on this bandwagon, blaming Israel for all the ills of the Middle East and comparing it with Isis.

Holocaust denial

It is hard to imagine a more offensive lie; the concept that Jews somehow invented the Holocaust, or inflated the numbers of those who perished in the death camps, for some machiavellian purpose. Holocaust denial, which its propagandists misrepresent as “historical revisionism,” has become one of the most important vehicles for contemporary anti-Semitism. It is the invention of a collection of long-time anti-Semites and apologists for Hitler.

Natalie takes this form of anti-Semitism to an extreme: she claims there was no Holocaust at all. As she says:

Oh and another thing. Coz this ones the biggest lie they’ve told…. There was NO HOLOCAUST!!!! The victors wrote the history books, and they’re all filled with lies. Wake up people. And stop supporting these immoral, warmongering inhumane people. (The Zionists, not the Jewish people).”Natalie Owen

To members of the Jewish community whose families still carry the trauma and loss of those dark years, this malicious fabrication causes a great deal of pain.

The modern-day Blood Libel

Whether or not you agree with Israeli government policy is one thing, but comparing Israelis with the Nazis or calling Israel’s attempts to defend itself as “genocide”, these lies evoke the blood libel – the infamous lie, dating back to the Middle Ages, that Jews murdered Christians to obtain blood for ritual purposes, which was used for centuries to justify and incite mob violence and pogroms against Jews. The genocidal allegations against Israel that we hear today are a modern day blood libel. They have no basis in truth and are merely used by anti-Semites like Natalie to foment anti-Jewish hatred. Here’s an example from Natalie’s comments:

You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. But I’m guessing you are with your support here of genocide and wars killing millions of innocent people including babies and young children.”Natalie Owen

Theological anti-Semitism

This is one of the oldest forms of anti-Semitism. In medieval times Jews came to be seen as the people who rejected Jesus and crucified him (although it was the Roman authorities who ordered and carried out the crucifixion). By the 11th -14th centuries, Jews in Europe were widely persecuted as barely human “Christ-killers” and “Devils” and forced to live in all-Jewish ghettos, forced to convert to Christianity to avoid death, torture, or expulsion, though many secretly practiced Judaism after their conversions. Even into the 20th century Christian theology was used to prepare the ground for Europe’s systematic murder of Jewry. Hitler was able to quote Protestant ‘Father of the faith’ Martin Luther to justify genocide of Jews.

While a relatively rare rationale for anti-Jewish hatred these days, it still came up on Natalie’s comments, when she said “the Jews killed Jesus. God exiled them from the holy land.

Sadly, anti-Semitism is still prevalent and increasingly so in some countries. While New Zealand has to date not had a serious problem with this issue, social media has opened up a whole new avenue for anti-Semitism to flourish. We know that hate starts small, and must be challenged if it is to be prevented from growing. We encourage everyone who reads this to challenge anti-Semitism, whatever its form, whenever they see it.

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”Martin Luther King

Further Comments from Natalie Owen

Sorry, when I say Jews I mean Zionists. Who are not only jews, but predominantly they are. No, I have a problem with these inhumane people dragging down the name of good jews. We are all human, and race should not matter. It’s what’s inside a human and how they treat others that distinguishes the difference between good and bad.”Natalie Owen


Haha they haven’t had the wool pulled over their eyes, they know they’re fooling the world. there are other historians who have written about the truth. Many. But we don’t get those books in school. the victors write the history books we get.in school. But you can’t question the holes in the holocaust facade? In fact it’s illegal to deny the holocaust… Why? Is it illegal to deny the murder of millions of Africans? Millions of American Indians? The tens of thousands of Syrians, lybians, Yemeni, Iraqi, Americans, that have died in the last decade through the play strings of Zionist puppets. nobody’s bombing Israel… (and don’t take that.out of context, I do not want anybody to have to suffer war and death) If you want to know who has control over you, look at who you can’t criticize. But how can anybody support a country that commits genocide of the Palestinian people? Palestinians have been trapped in Gaza for 10 years. They get about 3 hours of electricity a day, no jobs, good and water heavily restricted, and the Israeli soldiers murder them including.children on a daily basis. Some days they empty their sewage waste tanks on the Palestinians homes, spraying it everywhere. This is not acceptable behavior of any people. If they are “God’s chosen people” like they say, wouldn’t they be helping them? Unless they’re worshipping a different God… the Talmud is pretty interesting reading.”Natalie Owen


I could sit here all day, but the point is, that these Zionists are trying to take over the world, New world order and the land grab to create greater Israel is their plan. WWIII IS happening, they do not care about people. Only their own kind. They do not hide this. Stop calling anti semitism and look at the information. Don’t just believe me, look it up for yourself.”Natalie Owen


They wouldn’t even let an all woman unarmed boat with aid to the Palestinian woman and children in there. Sailing past they saw Israel lit up like a Christmas tree, and Gaza dark as night. Why can’t people see it. It disturbs me that so many people blindly follow and support something so awful.”Natalie Owen


…you’re side swiping the issue here, focussing on what I’ve called them, but not seeing what they are doing. That quote is exactly what they are… It’s not about race, it’s what they stand for. Although.it is odd that mostly people from this particular race are hell bent on ruling the world. Don’t you think?
For 2000 + years, and they have been accused of chicanery throughout history. Money money money. We are all just modern slaves in their system. Look at quotes in the Talmud about goyim. Just look. I’ve sent you some links. But look for.yourself. once you start a search on YouTube it’s amazing what comes up. I.find Wikipedia has a lot.of fact you just need to.know where to.Look. or.let one page lead.you to another.”Natalie Owen


If I’m such a lunatic then prove me wrong… Google “what does the Talmud say about Goyim” and then get back to me. Zionists aren’t true Jews. Jews study the Torah, Zionists the Talmud. Just because you can’t.comprehend what I’m saying doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Cognitive dissonance. Look that up too. Haha a Donald trump supporter. Heck no! But.Hillary is much much worse. Out of 300million those two are the only.people in the running… the election system.is a complete joke. The president is all.bought and paid for, even.our own prime.minister who.is selling.us.Out to foreigners, and trade agreements that don’t benefit us at all. He happens to be a.Zionist too. open your eyes people. Your ignorance is disturbing.”Natalie Owen


What I’ve stated are facts. You can.Look them up, but.instead you attack Me on a personal level instead of listing the facts you believe to be true. You’re just the sheep that enable them to stay in control. Divide and conquer is their game and you play along with it so well.”Natalie Owen


You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. But I’m guessing you are with your support here of genocide and wars killing millions of innocent people including babies and young children. Only the inhumane mindlessly support death of innocents. I don’t need to back up my views, especially when you won’t even admit killing any people is wrong.”Natalie Owen



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